2019 TRA Board of Directors is Set

Results of the Board of Director elections are in, and the 2019 TRA Board is set:

Board of Directors
Dena BouskosPresident
Jack TrostVice President
Charles ClendeningTreasurer
Michael NarigonSecretary
Mary Ann ChoryImmediate Past President
2019 Directors-at-LargeRobert Doll, Reggie Jue, Joyce Komatsu, Marcy Morrison, Carol Schamp, Stephanie Sundius

Other Positions:
Facebook CoordinatorStephanie Sundius
MembershipJoyce Komatsu
WebmasterReggie Jue

Looking Back and Looking Ahead
by Dena Bouskos, Incoming TRA President

Wow, another busy year is coming to a close quickly! Thank you to everyone who sent in their ballots as well as feedback comments. So far, we’ve heard that our members are satisfied with TRA, really enjoy the newsletter, and are positive about our TRA events. We’ll provide final ballot results and more specifics on the feedback comments in the next newsletter.

This year, under Mary Ann Chory’s leadership, we were able to bring in new folks to the TRA Board. In addition to Mary Ann, Jack Trost, Bob Doll, Charlie Clendening, Michael Narigon, Reggie Jue, Carol Schamp, Marcy Morrison and Stephanie Sundius all made important organizational contributions. We are happy to tell you that Joyce Komatsu (Membership), Pam Overton (Mail Pouch & In Memoriam) and Kitty O’Dell McPherson (Offsite Chapter Liaison) have volunteered for roles on the Board. We’re so happy to have them.

Of course, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to Katherine Reed, who is our Northrop Grumman liaison and sponsor! Loud applause also goes to Al Hausrath who served on the Board and was the stellar Editor of the NNG newsletter for over 25 years. Many thanks to Al for his hard work and contributions to TRA over the years!! Happily, you’ll still see Al and his wife, Mel, at our social events.

In 2019, TRA plans to continue to support Northrop Grumman’s STEM tours of JWST and Ngenuity In Motion displays, and the Space Business Archives. Bob Doll, who leads the TRA Archive support, now has Anna Marie Ellison, Rose Marie Keidel, Michael Mears, Howard Okano, and Dave Wright volunteering.

We continue to support our web site and Facebook group, which has grown to over 2,000 members. One thing we would like to do this year is increase participation in our off site chapters.

We’re always looking for new venues or ideas for our events. So, if you have a suggestion, please let us know by emailing us at tra@tra-spacepark.org or calling the TRA office at 310-813-7745 on Wednesdays when we volunteer.

Finally, let us know what you are up to by sending us a note or emailing us. People always tell us they enjoy hearing about other retirees; but it takes your input. Whether you live in the Los Angeles area or farther away we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. The next one is Friday, December 7th at the El Segundo Automobile Driving Museum!

On behalf of the TRA Board, we wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and a bright 2019!

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